A two day gathering on queer education and scholarship

21-22 June 2018 | University of Westminster

Queering Academia examines the role of Queer education and scholarship against the backdrop of the changing landscape of Higher Education. This two-day gathering brings together students, academics, and activists to consider the significance of Queer lives (and lived experience) within both formal and informal institutions of learning. We encourage papers, panels, performances, and presentations examining the significance of Queer ways of thinking, being, and acting in education and scholarship. We encourage diverse contributions that imagine the possibilities of engaging Queer perspectives in education and the scholarship of learning and teaching.

We seek contributions from any and no disciplines (and especially beyond academia). We hope to attract students, scholars, activists and artists working with relevant themes, including (but not limited to):

  • Bridging the gap between (queer) research and teaching
  • Genderqueer and non-binary perspectives
  • Imagining the queer university
  • Intergenerational conversations
  • Mobilising queer literatures
  • Queer (and queering) theories of education
  • Queer discrimination in the academy
  • Queer education and the post-colonial horizon
  • Queer intersectionality
  • Queer pedagogies
  • Queer perspectives on educational violence
  • Queer perspectives on institutionalised heteronormativity
  • Queer perspectives on power hierarchies in Higher Education
  • Queer perspectives on the scholarship of learning and teaching
  • Queer racialized knowledges
  • Queer student representation
  • Queer theories of education, scholarship and pedagogy
  • Queering research methods and methodologies
  • Queering the curriculum
  • Recognition of queer lives in Higher Education
  • Valuing queer student voices

The Queering Academia gathering is sponsored by the Centre for Teaching Innovation at the University of Westminster, in partnership with students and academics from across the University of Westminster.

We welcome proposals for:

  • Papers
  • Workshops
  • Panels
  • Presentations
  • Performances
  • Art based installations and multimedia presentations
  • Spoken word and poetry
  • And any other format or medium you wish to consider!

The queer literature event is sponsored by the Queer London Research forum, a research initiative of the Department of English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies at the University of Westminster.

Deadline for submission of proposals is 20 March 2018. Please email Dr Jennifer Fraser (J.Fraser@westminster.ac.uk) with your proposal.